Lil Bucks - Turmeric Lemon Myrtle CLUSTERBUCKS

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Adaptogenic buckwheat clusters harnessing the nutritional power and crunch from sprouted buckwheat, with added adaptogen power to keep you feeling calm and boost your immunity.

Lil Bucks’ newest Clusterbucks flavor is savory, spicy, sweet and delightfully citrus-y all in one bite. This delightful snack features special ingredients and we are proud work with the amazing companies behind them: Diaspora Co. Turmeric, improving the spice trade in India, and Australian Superfoods’ Lemon Myrtle, which supports native communities and plants in Australia. 

INGREDIENTS: Sprouted buckwheat groats, maple syrup, pumpkin seeds, coconut flakes, Diaspora Turmeric, flaxseed, Australian Superfoods Lemon Myrtle, ginger, cloves, pure vanilla extract, cinnamon, black pepper, sea salt;  All ingredients but sea salt, turmeric, lemon myrtle and black pepper are organic