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Exclusive Offer to Circle Up Brands

OTHRSource, the leader in on-demand store support services, shares CircleUp's passion to help emerging brands succeed.

OTHRStore will be launching the week of April 20th to a select handful of brands and we are offering CircleUp brands an early opportunity to be on the store at launch.

The benefits ofOTHRStore:

  • Highly promoted marketplace with aggressive PR, digital and influencer marketing
  • No upfront fee to be listed on the store and market reduced markup
  • Highly curated (not over merchandised) store results in maximum marketing impact

Criteria to be considered forOTHRStore:

  • Currently be able to handle product fulfillment (Phase 2 (sometime within 2Q) will provide brands with a fulfillment services)
  • Be considered an emerging brand and have a need for the platform (meaning we want to help brands who need it most)
  • Brand must be founder/founding team led (no corporate entities)

Submit your info below to be considered for the launch brands.  Brands will be selected by a first come best fit basis.