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The Caker


This pack contains everything you need in order to make a mini 3-tiered tiered cake perfectly. There are two primary people I designed this pack for: young budding bakers who want to strut their stuff and people who want to really impress someone special in their lives… because take note, you will REALLY impress your loved ones if you get in the kitchen and make them a tiered cake. (And I assure you it’s much easier than you think.)

8” base, 6” middle and 4” top are the cutest proportions of all time for a tiered cake and two of my cake mixes magically provides the right amount of cake for exactly this mini tiered cake so you will receive all three pans as well as two cake kits of your choice.

But I also wanted to throw in some tools I find indispensable, so all up you’ll receive:
-2 cake mixes of your choice
-8” pan, 6” pan and 4” pan

-a mini spatula (so good for cake and glaze)
-my all time fave palette knife
-parchment paper liners for the top tier and middle tier
-8” cake board
-special tips on how to make your cake

You can choose to add HAPPY BIRTHDAY candles if your tiered cake is for a birthday too!