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A Better Today Wellness Planner and Journal

Designed for Positivity - Our planner is designed to keep you motivated and grateful. Each week has a quote at the top encouraging you to maintain and grow in your greatness. We incorporate a few segments that encourage you to be more grateful and satisfied with your progress in life. Remember, WE BELIEVE IN YOU!

We Encourage Meaningfulness - We prompt you to really reflect on the patterns of life that yield the results you are experiencing at that time. Through thoughtful answering, we believe that you will be able to see what things affect you {good or not so good yet} and claim more control of your life. Each Month has questions that invite you to think more deeply about the actions and reactions in life. Every week we encourage mindfulness by reflecting on what happened during the week that brought you gratitude. We believe goal setting is important in achieving your targets and deepest desires. Each page in this journal incorporates meaningful capturing of your placement in life: emotionally, mentally, spiritually, physically, occupationally, socially, and environmentally.

What’s Included Inside - 6 months worth of calendar space, 60 Undated Weekly Pages, 30 Goal setting and Mindfulness pages, 6 pages of monthly checkpoints to see what type of progress you are making in your personal journey, an Inner pocket for any loose papers and other items, 25 blank pages for drawing, mind mapping, brainstorming, designs, and conceptualizing, 50 lined pages for notes and other documentation.