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Don't Go Nuts

Blueberry (Blueberry Blast) Chewy Granola Bar

Enjoy the true blueberry taste from organic blueberries and a soft, chewy texture from organic oats and brown crisp rice. Our first-ever, exclusively dairy-free bar! 

We make these certified gluten-free nutrition and snack bars with NO peanuts, NO tree nuts, NO wheat, NO eggs, NO sesame and NO coconut. It’s important to us that those needing allergy-free snacks know that our chewy granola bars can provide a fun snack without peanuts & nuts, but they DO contain soy.

We may have new packaging, but our same great-tasting, safe products are here to stay. You may receive either the new packaging, or the old, but both include the same safe products!

Sold in a 12-count or a 5 count caddy.