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Brain Health from Birth: Nurturing Brain Development during Pregnancy and the First Year

During pregnancy and the first few months of life, a baby produces up to 250,000 brain cells a minute. How do you ensure the baby has everything it needs in this golden window of opportunity? How do you protect the baby's IQ, attention span, creativity, language skills and other neurological abilities from potential harm? Rebecca Fett, the best-selling author of "It Starts with the Egg," provides the answers in Brain Health from Birth in the research-driven, readable and action-oriented style she is known for.

Nurturing Baby's Brain Development

Nutrition during pregnancy is essential to the baby's brain development. Brain Health from Birth covers nutrients that drive the baby's neural development, such as: 

  • Folate and choline for brain development
  • Preventing preterm birth with Vitamin D
  • Omega-3 fatty acids

Protecting Baby's Brain during Pregnancy

Some troubling research has come out in recent years, pointing to the possibility that environmental toxins can impair the baby's brain development. The book provides steps to reduce exposure and clarifies what not to worry about:

  • Medications and vaccinations during pregnancy
  • Preventing gestational diabetes
  • Setting up a cleaner, greener home

Brain Health in the First Year

For parents, the baby's first year is full of conflicting advice and anxiety. Fett answers the common questions like these, from the lens of science:

  • How to select safer baby care items
  • Should you worry about infant vaccinations?
  • How to choose an infant formula, when you need it
  • What's the impact of microbiomes on brain health?