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Everything: Egg Freezing

A thoroughly researched yet approachable and empowering guide to egg freezing, Everything: Egg Freezing is written by two women who went through the process themselves.

  • Over 100 pages of science-backed advice on what you can do to maximize the chance of successful egg freezing cycles, including lifestyle changes, egg-health diet, fertility-enhancing supplements, exercise and more.
  • Unbiased look at the pros and cons of egg freezing, with clear guide for each woman to decide if it's the right decision for them.
  • Hundreds of comments and advice from fertility physicians, fertility- and prenatal-focused clinical dietitians and women who went through the process.

"Everything: Egg Freezing" is a must-read for women who are considering egg freezing. For women who have already decided to freeze their eggs, it's a practical guide to optimize their daily habit for a successful egg freezing cycle (or two).

Questions about egg freezing, answered

  • How do you decide if egg freezing is right for you?
  • What can you expect from egg freezing?
  • How do you afford egg freezing?
  • How do you select the right fertility clinic?
  • How do you prepare your body to maximize success?
  • What is the actual egg freezing process like, physically and emotionally?

About the authors

Catherine Hendy, whose background is in journalism, and Brittany Hawkins, an entrepreneur, both froze their eggs in their early 30s. They are co-founders of ELANZA Wellness, a fertility wellness company dedicated to improving the way women approach and experience fertility treatments, including egg freezing.