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Gustus Vitae

Gourmet Salt Free Seasoning Collection | Set of 8

The Salt-Free Gourmet Collection


Our 6 piece salt-free gourmet seasoning collection includes eight of our most popular salt-free seasonings and spice/herb blends (Taste of California, Taste of Bordeaux, Taste of Provence, Crushed Red Pepper Flakes, Taste of Thailand, Taste of Tuscany, Garlic Herbs & Everything Spice, Hickory Smoked Herbs). Our magnetic tins offer myriad display options mean that any part of the kitchen can be transformed into your own salt-free seasoning pantry. Each and every gourmet salt-free seasoning and spice blend is exceptional in it's own way: the sweet and zesty notes of our hugely popular Taste of California add delicious complexity to everything from meats to salad dressings; our fresh, savory Taste of Provence will bring the flavors of the French countryside to your kitchen; the light, warm notes of the Taste of Bordeaux lend refinement and depth to dishes ranging from roasted potatoes to poached eggs; Taste of Thailand's complex curry and bold flavors provide wonderful lift for veggies and chicken; our Crushed Red Pepper flakes add heat and depth to wide array of foods-from pastas to salad or even chicken and marinades; and our fragrant Taste of Tuscany's fresh, varied texture and bright aroma make it the perfect final accent to pastas, pestos, bruschetta and crostini.

  • Magnetized backing: tins sticks to your fridge or other metal surface.
  • Non-GMO.
  • Crafted in small batches.
  • Hand packed in California from local and imported ingredients.
  • Not irradiated or treated with EtO gas.
  • All natural: free from artificial colors and flavors.
  • No nuts, soy, dairy, sugar, salt, or gluten.

Our Gourmet Salt-Free Seasonings Gift Set Includes:

  • Taste of California
  • Taste of Bordeaux
  • Taste of Provence
  • Taste of Thailand
  • Crushed Red Pepper Flakes
  • Taste of Tuscany
  • Garlic, Herbs, & Everything Spice
  • Hickory Smoked Herbs