Neptune Fish Jerky - Honey Lemon Ginger

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Born in our home kitchen, OneForNeptune’s wild-caught whitefish jerkies are shockingly delicious and ethically sourced from “Best Choice” small-scale US West Coast fisheries. Our mission is to Restore Humankind’s Healthy Relationship with the Sea. We support US fishermen, hardworking stewards who have our oceans in their hearts, helping to preserve a bluer future for you, for me, and for the Sea.


Balancing zesty lemon, smooth honey, and crisp ginger, this fresh blend of sweet and savory is perfect for every palate. This guilt-free treat is as healthy as it is delicious, so you can feel free to snack, share, repeat.


Pacific Rockfish, Liquid Aminos (Vegetable Protein from Non-GMO Soybeans), Coconut Sugar, Natural Hickory Liquid Smoke (Natural Hickory Smoke Flavor, Vinegar, Molasses, and Caramel Color), Honey Granules (Refinery Syrup, Honey), Ginger, Garlic, Dried Lemon Juice, Sea Salt, Citric Acid