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PRI Manuka Honey

Coarse New Zealand Sea Salt

In its most raw and natural form, this unprocessed salt from the waters of The Southern Ocean can retain all of its original benefits of natural minerals and taste. TheNew Zealand Sea Salt - Coarseis a great addition to keep in your kitchen cabinet to use in your cooking.

Keeping ourSea Salton the shelf of your kitchen makes reaching for the ocean‘s best while cooking that simple. Produced with all of its original trace elements, we use the Earth‘s solar and wind power processes to bring you the best of New Zealand, right to your door.

At PRI, we use sustainable, traditional, yet innovative methods to bottle nature‘s finest. We want to preserve the balance of this natural mineral and package the best New Zealand‘s oceans have to offer.

  •    Certified Kosher
  •    natural, drying by solar and wind process
  •    Harvested from the clean oceans around New Zealand
  •    Retains all the natural trace elements
  •     Not Iodized
  •     no additives or free flow additives