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Predict & Confirm™ Kit by ProovTest

Fulfilled by our friends at ProovTest

Identify your fertile window + confirm ovulation quality

This kit combines Proov's two popular hormone tracking products in one easy-to-use, at-home test kit.

Use Proov Predict LH tests to identify your most fertile window, then follow up with Proov Confirm PdG tests to understand ovulation quality.A clinical study1 shows that elevated PdG on specific days after suspected ovulation (during the implantation window) increases the chance of successful pregnancy from 19% to 92%

  • Get numerical results in 10 minutes with the free Proov Insight app on your phone - no need to buy an extra monitoring device
  • Includes the only FDA-cleared, patented PdG test
  • FSA/HSA-approved

 Each Predict & Confirm kit includes enough tests for one full cycle of tracking: 15 LH tests to predict ovulation, and 5 PdG tests to confirm ovulation quality.

1 Bernstein, D., Frishman, H., Levin, S., and Schwartz, S. “The Value of Urinary Pregnanediol Estimation for Monitoring Early Pregnancies”, Fertility and Sterility, Vol 29 No 2, February 1978.