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The Caker


In the pages of this book you will find 40 recipes, divided into the four seasons - 10 for each. I like this approach because I think the seasons play a big part in which foods you crave on any given day. It's not so much about which fruits are in season, although that is hugely important to me because it goes without saying that fruit tastes far better when it's in season, but more about what you feel like eating at different times of the year. In winter, I want warm, comforting desserts like my Rhubarb, Honey and Yogurt Cakes with Oat Crumble (page 62) or Orange Cake with Figs and Fennel Seeds (page 72). In summer, my appetite swings to fresh, light desserts such as my Mango Lassi Cake (page 18) or Watermelon and Raspberry Stackers (page 24). I really hope you enjoy this book!

x Jordan