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“Top Tomato” Bloody Mary Mix from Circle B Ranch

Award Winning "Top Tomato" Bloody Mary Mix

Look no farther. This is the award-winning Bloody Mary Mix that everyone is talking about. “Top Tomato” has that special flavor that can only come from using Big John’s products. From your first sip to your last you’ll love our unique combination of spices, flavorings and herbs. Order today and enjoy the unique taste that can only come from a secret recipe hidden deep in the Ozark Mountains!

Did you know!

A key ingredient in our Top Tomato Bloody Mary Mix is a pinch of sugar, which helps cut the acidity of the tomato.  That is what makes our Marina's Tomato Sauce recipe so delicious. Top Tomato has a little bit of a kick, but  your mouth will not be on fire. We feel that you can always add hot sauce or fresh chilies.  If you find it is a little to spicy you can always add a little bit of tomato juice. Don't want to mix your Top Tomato with booze?? This is definitely a stand alone beverage with great food quality.  Just pour over ice with a squeeze of lemon. Garnish your bloody Mary drink with Circle B Ranch NF Bacon Snack Sticks, Celery, Circle B Ranch Pepper Bacon, Stuffed Green Olives, Pickled Okra and pickles.  Your imagination is the only thing holding you back.

INGREDIENTS: Water, Tomato Sauce (vine-ripened, fresh plum tomatoes. tomato juice, fresh basil, salt and naturally derived citric acid), Tomato Puree (vine ripened tomatoes), Olive Oil, Garlic, Spices, Salt, Sugar, Red Wine Vinegar, Onion, Brown Sugar, Olive Oil, Garlic, Worcestershire sauce (distilled white vinegar, molasses, water, sugar, onions, anchovies, salt, garlic, cloves, tamarind extract, natural flavorings, chili pepper extract), Horseradish, Hot Sauce, Himalayan Pink Salt.
Contains Fish.