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Vegan Omega 3 (60 Softgels)

Fish get their omega 3 from algae. Why shouldn’t we? FeelGood Superfoods® Omega 3 vegan softgels bring you omegas directly from the source. Our softgels have 1000mg MicroAlgae DHA per serving.

Heart healthy omega 3 fatty acids are essential to our bodies, they are the building blocks for cell membranes and nerves. Algae is a sustainable and effective source of omega 3 fatty acids. Our formula is suitable for vegans, vegetarians, those with fish allergies and those who dislike the flavor of fish oil. 

Human health does not need to come at the cost of our environment. At FeelGood™ , we aim to help the planet one softgel at a time. Overfishing has shown a negative impact on our ocean's health. Help us reduce our footprint by switching to algae.

Vegan Omega 3 Benefits

  • May help lower blood pressure*
  • May help lower cholesterol levels*
  • Supports cardiovascular health*
  • Supports a healthy immune system*
  • Supports a healthy inflammation response*
  • Promotes healthier skin & hair*

We understand the importance of a sustainable and high-quality product. This is why we bypass the fish and go right to the origin of much of the world's omega 3, which is algae. There are no GMOs, additives or preservatives in our omega 3 softgels. We are dedicated to caring for our bodies and our planet. 

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.