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Well Life

Exhilarate - Pure Essential Oil Blend

Why We Love This: Sustainable, Reusable, Recyclable

With our first carefully blended scents, we begin our offer of aromatherapy products.

We blended Exhilarate with Grapefruit, Orange and Bergamot to awaken and rejuvenate your senses at any time of day. Whether you need a wake up call in your morning shower or one to give you a mid-afternoon pick-me-up, this scent is for you.

Our kits are packaged with a diffuser, either an all natural wood dish with a lava rock insert, great for a table top or a lava rock on a rope which is fabulous to use in the shower! With either one, a few drops will diffuse into the air bringing about a sense of awareness.

This is the blend we have made for you and what each essential oil helps with, in no particular order, this scent is evenly balanced:

Bergamot, FCF: Mild depression, mood swings, apathy, stress, anxiety.
Grapefruit, Red: Poor circulation, muscle fatigue.
Mandarin, Red: Mild depression, stress, anxiety, tension, restlessness, sleeplessness.
Orange, Sweet: Poor circulation, nervous tension, mild depression, worry, mental fatigue.